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Ether Management & Consulting, Inc. is a professional entertainment and consulting firm that provides it's clients with comprehensive project-based, creative, administrative, and corporate support services. We supply artists, independent & major record labels, along with other corporations the tools, the manpower, and the knowledge to maximize efficiency and minimize costs. Whether you bring us in for a single project or to revamp your entire business process, we help you to convert your maximum potential into maximal results. Our staff and partners of hand-picked professionals have over three quarters of a century of cumulative experience in Entertainment, Creative Services, and Business Affairs. We've been in the trenches, on both sides of the negotiation table, in the studio, behind the camera, and in the boardroom. We know what works and what doesn't, we understand that every client is unique and requires a tailor-made plan of action. When you become an EM&C client, our wealth of first-hand experience is your wealth of first-hand experience we work hand-in-hand with you from the moment you come on board until your goals are realized.

  • Corporate Branding
  • Company Consulting
  • Artist Consulting & Management
  • Business & Legal Services
  • Personal Investment Research
  • Just as being an Entertainer takes an artistic approach, there is a similar esthetic to creating the Art of The Deal.



Emmanuel E McGhee


Emmanuel McGhee got his start at Alabama State University where he majored in Recording Industry Business. Having a background in the music industry allowed him to be able to work with a vast genre of talent and abled him to gain the skills in marketing for brands. While at Alabama State University he curated events for the Recording Industry Program. In 2016 he partnered with Najah Gordon and Malik Wahid to create Variety Pack Entertainment. The goal was to create a home where creatives, whether business minded or artistically inclined, would have a home where they would have resources to be able to see their visions come to fruition. Living by the statement “When it comes to your art, you need variety” he has been able to bring aboard a wide range of talent to brand from the fitness industry to the medical industry. Emmanuel has worked with In-D Studios and has partnered in the creation of the Official Atlanta “Black Business Mixer” Sponsored by Deep Eddy Vodka. He currently works for Ether Management where he serves as a artist manager.

Derek Blanks

Creative Director

Derek is a talent unlike others who share his craft. Respected media brands like CoverGirl, ESSENCE, BET Networks and Sony Music Entertainment, to name a few, frequently seek him for iconic campaigns and cover shoots while celebrities request him exclusively for personal photo sessions including the Alter Ego. Though his client roster boasts some of the biggest names on the planet including Oscar Award-Winning Actors and Actresses. Dereks artistry is willingly available for anyone who desires to stand in front of his lens. As a consummate visual artist, photographer and director, Derek Blanks is the definition of a true renaissance man, a title sincerely earned as one of the hardest working, studied & disciplined photographer/directors in the country.

Morton Tim Fry

Legal Advisor

Large law firm training, public & private company senior executive experience,and results-oriented, hands-on, cost-sensitive approach. Have recently helped clients: reorganize & merge two post-production operations to joint success;newly-establish a London hedge fund & arrange bank financing close a 'C -Round' of an internet life-style company; negotiate personal service agreements for senior film, tech and marketing executives; organize an international music tour and the distribution of 'Reality TV' series and close the sponsorship arrangements for a major T.V. property.Work has included a wide range of entities & artists in film, music, dance, sports & marketing (e.g., Warner Bros., Sony, DDB, NYC Ballet, IMG, Levon Helm, Kitaro, Juvenile, etc.). Close relationships with clients have often led to becoming the 'family' lawyer for executives and artists.

Ali Early


Prior to his transition into brand marketing, N. Ali Early was among the most sought after writers in the entertainment industry. As a public relations content developer, he's covered hip hop, rhythm & blues and pop genres for the likes of Sony Columbia, Interscope and Warner Brothers. Additionally, Early has developed scripts and covered branding strategies for major corporations such as Camel, CBS RADIO and the Aplastic Anemia MDS International Foundation. Among other things, he is passionate about all things California, basketball and family.

Damith Ajm

Product Designer

Damith believes that one of his strongest points is that he always put myself not only in his client shoes, but also in the shoes of the end user. Every project has its target audience with its own needs, expectations, taste etc.His specialty is web design,front-end development and back-end development working on pixel tricks in Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator and turning them into beautiful, semantic HTML,CSS,javascript,angular js and web API.

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  • EM&C offers connections to entertainment and corporate attorneys with over 40 years experience in the entertainment and corporate world. EM&C is partnered with attorneys that are available to help draft and negotiate a variety of agreements, from producer and licensing contracts, to corporate mergers and acquisitions negotiations.

  • EM&C relieves the small business owner of the extra long hours, the stress and the frustration that goes with managing part time help. We provide the results you need without the corresponding increase to fixed overhead expenses. Recognizing the needs within a small business, EM&C was formed to address the growing suffered by all growing companies. With over 40 years of diverse experience in all aspects of business, consulting advice is provided by someone with the been there done that background that a small business cannot justify, nor afford, on their payroll. In today's world, many small businesses are without sufficient administrative staff services for managed profitable growth. The alternatives pursued are either extra work hours for the owner or, often, part time inexperienced personnel.

  • Whether it be mergers, acquisitions, product launches or geographic expansion: growth can take many forms. Investing in growth must be supported by an equal commitment to your brand. Unifying your brand at these critical inflection points will ensure that you maximize the value of your investment, creating a whole that is greater than the sum of the parts. EM&C works hard to help infuse Brands with the music industry to help both grow at a rapid pace.

  • Before any training programs are delivered, our subject matter team will evaluate your firm's articulated business processes, communications issues or competencies gaps to affirm training goals are correctly stated, that inputs and outputs are measurable; and, that the resulted solution will deliver the expected corporate benefit.

  • The advantage goes to the person who makes the right business move when investing he or she(s) hard earned capital. That means getting access to the right information, including key research that will influence a companys future performance. EM&C delivers unmatched, objective, actionable insights that will help you with your decision.



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